Project Management Services

We understand that project management can often be time consuming to many businesses, however it is an essential tool required to ensure that processes run smoothly. The dedicated project management team can help your business organise and execute various projects from conceptualization to completion, whether these are new and upcoming or ongoing. We specialise in planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints. As part of our package, we can manage project timelines, budgets and resources. Below is a list of some of the services that we can offer. 

Project Management of HR Services

HR is a vital part of any business, and we understand that as a growing company you may want to dedicate your time elsewhere. By providing project managed HR services we can help your business save time and money whilst ensuring that you are complying and staying up to date with all relevant regulations.

We have a team of dedicated HR specialists who are able to provide various services to suit your business needs and manage the full project. Whether you are starting out and need help with employee handbooks and polices, or you are an established business that needs support and advice, we are here to help.

As your business grows, we understand that the day to day administration and paperwork can build up. That’s why we are here to provide support and system management for your ongoing HR needs. This might include implementing systems to help with maintaining employee records, calculating holiday entitlement, managing sickness, and storing important documentation.

Our HR specialist will provide ongoing support with any changes in employment legislation, giving you peace of mind that your business remains fully compliant.

Employee Onboarding
A smooth onboarding process is essential for any business and our team can ensure you are supported every step of the way. We can offer assistance with employee administration employee contracts, paperwork and training. Whilst our ongoing support can help you with more complex employee management such as performance and appraisals or grievances, this can be project managed by our team or can be ongoing support.

We understand that staff development is an essential part of your growing business, that’s why our project management team are on hand to take the stress of organising training courses away. We will help support you to find the right training packages for your staff and liaise with various coordinators to get you the course that suits your business, whilst managing the project from start to finish. 

Project Management of Business Administration

Business Administration
Having us take care of your business clerical administration can be a valuable investment for any business that is looking to improve its efficiency and productivity. By allowing us to project manage tasks such as, performance improvements, data entry, training material, sales and support and much more. Not only will it save time for your company but is also ensures that each of these tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.

 Time Tracking
With timeline management we help to ensure your project remains profitable and on track for completion, and our dedicated team will provide regular updates and support to your business.

We provide the support to best help your business place your needed resources effectively. This includes acquiring, allocating and managing the resources you have to ensure all projects run effectively. For example, finances, software, skills and personnel.

In an ever-changing business world, we understand the importance of keeping company content and social media relevant whilst ensuring that you are reaching your target audience. By utilising our services your business will have access to specialist skills that you may not already have in house. We can offer a range of project managed services which include creating content, management of social media accounts, conducting market research, SEO and putting together advertising campaigns.

Social Media
We understand that social media is a powerful tool and with the right management it can help you increase your audience, drive sales, communicate with customers and gain an insight into their needs. Our team can provide assistance by managing social media posts and interactions across various platforms and help you to create the content that reflects your business culture and values.

Search engine optimisation is critical to many businesses, and we understand that designing an effective strategy can be a time consuming and complex task. We can ease the burden of this by helping you to develop a digital presence that increases your company visibility and website traffic.

Advertising and content creation
Effective marketing needs to be innovating and engaging and our team of skilled marketing professionals are here to help you maximise your advertising strategies. By having an understanding of your brand objectives and target audience we will research and compile the powerful content to draw in your consumers. 

Project Management of IT Support

IT Support
By using our IT services we can provide a range of benefits to your company which include cost savings, improved efficiency, increased flexibility and better security. Our reliable project management services mean you can focus on running your business while we take care of your IT needs.

Cyber security
Our team of highly experienced and skilled experts will manage your company security risks and ensure that your sensitive date remains protected. Whilst keeping your business compliant and up to date with industry regulations.

Network and Connectivity
Our experts make sure you stay connected by offering troubleshooting support for any network issues, implementing round the clock monitoring and providing tailored support for your business needs.

Software implementation
We understand that it may be difficult when new software is introduced, or current systems need to be updated. Therefore, our specialist team are here to provide advice and project manage any changes to ensure uninterrupted installation of computer software.

Project Management of Business Development

Business Development management
Business development encompasses various different services, and we are here to give project management assistance for each. Whether this is customer relationships, sales support or assistance with a product or service launch.

Develop new business
Our dedicated project management team are on hand to provide support and guidance for your company in order to help them manage the development of new business. This may include assisting in the implementation of a new product or service, our project management team can help from conceptualization to completion.

Customer Relationship
As a fast-growing business we understand it may become difficult to manage customer relationships, therefore our project management team is on hand to support and help develop a system to make this aspect of your business as smooth as possible.

Data Capture and record management
We understand that data entry, capture and storage can often be a tedious task that uses up valuable time. Our team of experts are on hand to implement data entry processes to suit your business, giving you the confidence that your records are accurate and up to date. Also, we offer simplistic scanning and storage systems for your important files, making them easily accessible and manageable. Our team are here to help manage the project from start to finish, ensuring that your documents remain safely stored and secure for whenever you need them.


Our emphasis is placed on creating and maintaining project milestones and the project schedule. Contact us today to further discuss your business project management needs.